We identify, analyse and advise

The Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force advises the public authorities in the current COVID-19 crisis. While the Task Force does not make decisions about measures or actions taken, the volunteer group of experts represents relevant scientific fields and ensures that impartial scientific advice is given.

The members of the Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force do not receive any remuneration or compensation for their work in the Task Force. Each member has disclosed any potential conflicts of interest. These documents are available on the Organisation & expert groups page.

Policy Briefs

07 Jan

Masks as an essential good?

Masks are recommended where social distancing cannot be respected, and mandatory in certain enclosed spaces such as public transport, as well as schools, and shops in certain cantons. They are protective of the wearer and especially of others, and as such are part of the bundle of measures needed to keep the COVID19 pandemic under control.


Scientific update of 14 January

Overview and evaluation of the situation, 4 January 2021

Scientific update of 29 December