3 May 2020 – Compilation and review

Vaccines and Treatments for Sars-CoV-2/COVID-19

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This document lists ongoing studies on vaccines and treatment of COVID-19 in Switzerland and beyond.

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Date of response: 3/5/2020

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Comment on planned updates: Update planned as soon as an important body of new evidence becomes available.

Expert groups and individuals involved: Pascale Vonaesch (Swiss TPH) and Marcel Tanner (a+ / SwissTPH); with assistance from Manuel Battegay and Oriol Manuel (University Hospital Basel)

Contact persons:

Sources used/searched: WHO COVID-19 pages, ClinicalTrial.gov, www.clinicaltrialsregister.eu, www.kofam.ch, Coronavirus Treatment tracker by Damian Garde, SwissEthics, PubMed, BioRvix and MedRvix selected search for neutralizing antibodies and screens for new antiviral drugs and news articles regarding research in Switzerland (especially University press releases).

As the Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force has been disbanded as of 31 March 2022, no further epidemiological assessments, scientific updates or policy briefs will be published in the future. All previous publications, pages and information of the Science Task Force remain available on this website.