10 May 2020 – Policy Brief

Economic Considerations of Test-Isolate-Trace-Quarantine (TITQ)

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Financial and legal protections for affected individuals are necessary for a successful Test-Isolate-Trace-Quarantine (TITQ) strategy.

Executive summary

Testing and quarantining both have private as well as social costs and benefits. This note explains these trade-offs and derives implications for (a) the mechanism to allocate the costs of testing, and (b) the provision of income for those confined to quarantine. As a unified TITQ strategy is in the public interest also for economic reasons, the federal government could act as a single payer. Moreoever, individuals confined to quarantine need to be financially and legally protected to strengthen compliance with the measures.

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Date of response: 10/5/2020

In response to request from: NCS-TF

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Expert groups and individuals involved: Economics

Contact persons: Monika.Buetler@unisg.ch (inputs by economics and other expert groups)

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